Pack, Combat Field,  new, army surplus
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We are the Alaska army surplus store. By this quality, army surplus item from our military surplus store This roomy combat field pack comes with an additional patrol pack that can be attached to the bigger pack or used alone as a day pack.  The field pack is huge with internal frames and a quick release strap.  There is a zippered section at the bottom so you can push your gear, like a sleeping bag out the bottom without unpacking the entire pack.  This pack is heavy duty construction and will outlast most packs.  They are new, woodland camo.  Limited supply so order early before they are gone.  Come to the shop and buy it in person for $130.   If you order online the shipping is included in the cost of $165. It is a large pack and expensive to mail.

PRICE INCLUDES FREE STANDARD SHIPPING! Alaska sales only without additional shipping surcharge.  All sales final, no returns.

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Pack, Combat Field, new, army surplus

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